About this blog (and where else you can find me)

More of the Road – About this blog:

  1. Who? Everything on this site (so far) is created by me (Lizzy). I take the photographs (unless otherwise noted) and write the articles and do the research. It is a lot of work, but I rather enjoy it.
  1. What? I write about places I have been, trips I’ve undertaken, things I’ve learned, and (from time to time) places I would like to go. Often blog posts begin as frustrated attempts at research on a certain topic.  If I can’t find information about something, I try to write about it.
  1. Where? Right now I am based in Tirana, Albania. Most of my recent travels have centered around Central Asia and the Balkan Peninsula. I’ve also traveled extensively in the United States. While I’ve spent time in Northwestern Europe (most recently the UK and Spain), I am by no means an expert on that region (yet).
  1. When? I started Blogging in 2011 when I moved to Kazakhstan, but I didn’t begin working on this More of the Road project until late Autumn, 2013.
  1. Why? Why not? – Just kidding – More of the Road serves several purposes. The most important one is as a place where I record whatever I figured out while traveling. Sometimes I undertake trips where advance information is either incredibly non-specific (can anyone say guidebooks?) or completely nonexistent. If I try to find information and can’t, I try to write about it after the fact to help future travelers. Also some of my posts begin as a place for me to keep track of the websites that were most helpful to me as I planned.

Projects in the works:

I am working on a plan to undertake a massive road trip of the United States (if I can get the funding). The trip would focus on Landscape and Literature – how location and culture interact – a concept I began to explore while researching the differences between traditional dances in the different regions of Yemen and how they were influenced by geography. Please message me if you would like to know more about this project or are interesting in partnering with me on it.

I plan to end my time in the Balkans later this spring with a long cycle up the peninsula. This is partially because I think I will have a dog in tow, and partially because I love to be outside as much as possible.

Where Else?

I am also active on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Pinterest.

Tumblr is where you will find “real time” posts – I like to post pictures that I take as I travel  so almost all of the photos on Tumblr are phone photos.  I also like to explore my own philosophy on Tumblr through quotes…if you like inspirational quotes by all means, look me up!

Twitter – I am on Twitter.  I don’t tweet as often as I should but if you want to know what I’m doing today (although why that would interest anyone, I’m not sure) then twitter would be good.

Pinterest – To be honest, I don’t really get Pinterest. I pin stuff from time to time, and organize it, and don’t really understand the purpose of it all – so if you would like to enlighten me with how to make a kick-ass Pinterest page, I’d love to hear from you.

Google+I’m just beginning to explore the possibilities of Google+. Right now it is just a place that references all the other stuff I do.

Facebook – not yet and maybe not ever.


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