Bonnie by Boat

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog

Bonnie on the Boat to Italy


Bonnie, an Albanian Dog on the Adria Ferry
Bonnie in the kennels on the Adria Ferry that runs between Duress, Albania and Bari Italy

The first leg of our journey took Bonnie and I across the Adriatic from Duress, Albania to Bari, Italy by way of Adria Ferry. Dogs do not require a reservation or a ticket for the ferry and may ride in any public space, but if you are planning on bringing your dog, you should ask the agent booking your ticket to confirm this.

On the Adria ferry, there were dog kennels on the top deck. The check-in desk gave me a key to the padlock. The kennels were spacious and clean, though in some disrepair. Each space had a dog house so that the animals could get out of the wind if they wanted.

Bonnie wasn’t too thrilled about the kennel and she cried when I left her briefly in order to dump my stuff in my cabin. I got a sandwich and a bottle of wine from the bar and we sat on the deck together watching the stars until Bonnie was comfortable with the boat. By the next morning, she was thrilled to get out of the kennel and explore the boat a bit.


Bonnie exploring the Adria Ferry
Bonnie exploring the Adria Ferry en route from Albania to Italy


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