Bonnie in Zurich

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog

Bonnie in Zurich

From Milan, Bonnie took the train to Zurich, Switzerland where she stayed in a very expensive hotel room with wall-to-wall carpeting that she couldn’t get enough of. She even shunned her pillow in favor of a sleepy sprawl on the carpet.

We explored Zurich on a sleepy, Sunday afternoon, looking into the windows of darkened shops, and sniffing at the food in restaurants too expensive for us. In the end we got some nice photographs and a good night’s sleep.


the Albanian dog, Bonnie in Zurich, Switzerland
Bonnie explores the cobbled streets of old Zurich
The Albanian dog, Bonnie in Zurich, Switzerland
Bonnie in front of the famed neo-rococo Opera house in Zurich
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  1. Hello

    Your dog us lovely. I just moved to Tirana and I have been shocked at all of the dog’s roaming the streets.

    Could you tell me more specifically about the location of the Gabis. I’m in need of some things I think I could get there. I would greatly appreciate the help.


    1. Hi Karen, I hope you love Tirana! I miss it every day. The strays in Tirana are often lovely and it is a great place for dog lovers to adopt a dog.

      There several Gabi’s. The easiest one to find is at a location called “the Train Station” (where the train station used to be) – if you follow The Boulevard northward (away from the University) to the point where it ends (it kind of T’s) you will see some veggie vendors along an alleyway – if you continue (northward) into the alley you get into the Gabi proper. That Gabi is quite good, even though it is not very large. Some friends of mine found a very good trekking backpack there.

      The bigger Gabi (I think it’s called Beksat) is much harder to find – it is over on a street that google maps calls “Rruga Kongresi i Manastirit” behind QSUT. I think the Linze bus – one of the buses that goes out to the Dajti Express – passes by it on the way out. Here is a link to a map that kind of shows where it is:

      Let me know how the shopping goes!

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