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Traveling in Kazakhstan: FAQ’s

 Traveling in Kazakhstan: FAQ’s Thinking about traveling in Kazakhstan? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! If you are feeling nervous, or just have some questions – here are some of the answers I give to some of the most frequently asked questions about traveling in Kazakhstan. 1. Is it helpful to know Russian when traveling in Kazakhstan? Yes, Russian is widely spoken as either a first or second language in Kazakhstan, so if[…]

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Almaty Metro Train leaves the Alatau Station

Stop-by-Stop: A Tour of the Almaty Metro

The Almaty Metro   Almaty’s short, but serviceable metro is a work of art in its own right. Construction began  back in 1988 but the first line was not opened until December 1, 2011.  The line currently has seven stops but the plan is to extend the line out to the western suburb of Kalkaman and down to the Almaty-1 train station for a total of thirteen stops. Two new stops, “Sayran” (near the bus[…]

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Autumn colors of Aksai Valley near Almaty, Kazakhstan

Camping In Kazakhstan

Camping In Kazakhstan Designated camping areas are almost non-existent in Kazakhstan.  Even car camping is almost entirely wild camping. Rules regarding camping are loose (if they exist at all). Sometimes you have to pay a fee to camp in a national park but sometimes you don’t. Outside of the parks, you just need to find a spot that tickles your fancy and be sure to remain respectful of any local farmers and herders who might[…]

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Almaty Coffee Shops: Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club

Almaty is the city where I first started the Sunday Coffee Club. It was a way to try new coffee shops and to give myself an excuse to go out on cold Sunday afternoons during the winter.  At the time there were only a half-dozen good coffee places and I tried them all. Why Sometimes-Sunday? Over the next several years, the coffee scene changed dramatically and dozens of new shops opened.  As my life Almaty[…]

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Kazakhstan Photogallery

Photogallery: Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, a country racing toward the future – almost insisting on trying to become the dominant global player in Central Asia while capitalizing on the rich history of the nomadic people who have long roamed its mountains and steppe, and those of the Great Silk Road that wound through the country’s southern regions. For the visitors and residents alike, this country offers many awe-inspiring natural and historical sites.  Enjoy the photos:   Please follow and[…]

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Gorky Park Almaty

Kazakhstan: My Almaty Top 10

Almaty, Kazakhstan is a bustling cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer. Countless parks and museums, a wide array of out-door activities, and an ever-growing list of cultural activities made narrowing a list of sights and activities down to 10 challenging.  As I spend my last days in this beautiful city, these sites are a few of the favorites that I plan to re-visit. 1. Kok Tobe Kok Tobe is the large hill that overlooks[…]

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Kazakh Yurt Shymkent

Kazakhstan: My Shymkent Top 10

Shymkent – if you ask anyone from Almaty, they will tell you that Shymkent is like Texas, wild and untamed. In Shymkent, people seem to embrace the idea.  They drive where and how they want, take a fierce pride in their city, and are also some of the most open, and generous people I’ve met in Kazakhstan.  If you are ever fortunate enough to visit the city of Shymkent, here are some things you might[…]

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