Tajikistan Mountains

Destination Tajikistan

With fewer than 200,000 visitors in 2012, Tajikistan is not on the average traveler’s list of destinations.  The short time I spent in Central Asia’s poorest country, however, was filled with countless opportunities for unexpected adventures, awe inspiring landscapes, and unforgettable experiences. Tajikistan has two primary draws for tourists: history, and mountains.  Because the country is situated on the Great Silk Road, Tajikistan has numerous archeological sites and ruins. Nevertheless, With 90% of its143,000 square[…]

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Marguzor Lakes, Tajkikistan

Tajikistan’s Seven Marguzor Lakes

If there is one thing I learned about traveling in Tajikistan, it is to always add two hours to the estimated travel time. The road to Panjakent follows the Zaravshan River through a narrow gorge dotted with tiny villages colored copper and gold by the changing leaves of the apricot groves and crisscrossing the river on old one-lane cable suspension bridges. After nearly five hours bouncing along occasionally paved road and detouring through a village[…]

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Iskaderkul Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s Lake Iskanderkul

(Originally Published on 11 October, 2013) We began our trip from Dushanbe to Lake Iskanderkul late in the afternoon under a grey, ominous sky. By the time we reached the third and final toll-booth before Anzob Pass, it was spitting rain.  The toll booth attendant told our guide and driver, Miskola, that it was snowing on the pass and that there was a traffic jam because of ice. As made our way up the road,[…]

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