Tibet: On the Road to Shigatse

Everest to Shenzhen An overland journey from one side of China to the other Part II: The Road to Shigatse There is more than one road to Shigatse from Lhasa.  The G318 Highway is by far the fastest. It remains in the low lands following the river and bypassing the mountains and their time-consuming climbs. Most visitors to Tibet, however, don’t want to take the easy road.  They want to travel the slow way along the[…]

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Nanning Museum of Nationalities

Long Layover: One Day in Nanning, China

Long Layover: One day in Nanning, China By Chinese standards, Nanning is a tiny city. With just 2 million people, it is barely the size of a neighborhood in one of China’s Pearl River cities. Even so, it is the Capital and the largest and most populous city of Guangxi Province. My Friends and I, like many travelers, stopped in Nanning on our way from Hanoi to Hong Kong on the tail end of a[…]

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Yangshuo and Guilin in Pictures

Photogallery: Yangshuo and Guilin in Pictures (China)

Yangshuo and Guilin in Pictures Guilin City was established sometime during the fourth century. Located in the Northeast corner of Guangxi Province, the dramatic karst landscape is a major draw to tourists from all over the world. These pictures of Yangshuo and Guilin: captured on a whirlwind, weekend trip show the magnificent landscapes, and impressive cultural heritage of a fascinating region.     Please follow and like us:

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Photogallery: Macau in Pictures

Macau in Pictures The history of Macau is the history of China’s relationship with Europe. Portuguese merchants first arrived in Macau in the 16th century and the city has been a meeting place for European and Chinese Culture ever since. The oldest parts of the city are dotted with both churches and temples, with European architecture and with Chinese. Even the food in Macau shows an affinity for both European and Chinese Tastes. Today, Macau[…]

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H.K.’s Unofficial Macau Food Tour

H.K.’s Unofficial Macau Food Tour   When H.K., a colleague from work who used to live in Macau, volunteered to take a group of us on a tour of his favorite eating spots in Macau, I jumped at opportunity to learn about the city and sample some of it’s finest cuisine – according to H.K. anyways. So over the course of 24 hours we traveled across Macau eating more food than I care to remember.[…]

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Shekou Boardwalk

China: First Impressions of a New Home – Shekou

First Impressions of a New Home Shekou, China in Words and Pictures   Impression: City Streets Large, salty beads of sweat drip from my forehead leaving a trail down my cheeks and neck before turning the collar of my grey t-shirt dark with moisture. I’ve given up trying to wipe the sweat off my brow. It isn’t exactly hot in Shekou – it is barely 27 degrees Celsius. The humidity, though, makes those 27 feel[…]

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Shekou as seen from Nanshan Mountain

China: Nanshan Mountain, Shekou

Nanshan: Mountain of a Thousand Steps, Forest of Tranquility, and Place of Friendship     I tried to get an early start – hoping to reach the top before the sticky heat settled over Shenzhen but even at 7:00 on a Sunday people were already out enjoying the park. Walkers raced down the road in their sneakers and leggings. Several sets of retirees played Badminton on the landing at the trail-head, hitting the little birdie[…]

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