Shekou Boardwalk

China: First Impressions of a New Home – Shekou

First Impressions of a New Home Shekou, China in Words and Pictures   Impression: City Streets Large, salty beads of sweat drip from my forehead leaving a trail down my cheeks and neck before turning the collar of my grey t-shirt dark with moisture. I’ve given up trying to wipe the sweat off my brow. It isn’t exactly hot in Shekou – it is barely 27 degrees Celsius. The humidity, though, makes those 27 feel[…]

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Shekou as seen from Nanshan Mountain

China: Nanshan Mountain, Shekou

Nanshan: Mountain of a Thousand Steps, Forest of Tranquility, and Place of Friendship     I tried to get an early start – hoping to reach the top before the sticky heat settled over Shenzhen but even at 7:00 on a Sunday people were already out enjoying the park. Walkers raced down the road in their sneakers and leggings. Several sets of retirees played Badminton on the landing at the trail-head, hitting the little birdie[…]

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