Like most of the earth’s continents, the continent of Asia can be divided into several distinct regions.

Central Asia is the area of Asia sometimes Dubbed the “Stans.” Afghanistan, is perhaps the most notorious today, but Tajikistan with its majestic Pamir mountains; Kyrgyzstan with its ancient lake Issyk Kul; the giant of a country, Kazakhstan with it’s expansive steppe; Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan with colorful mausoleums and ancient cultures all bring flavor and color to this under-explored region of the world.

Eastern Asia comprises of Korea, Japan, and China while the countries of Pakistan, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos make up Southeastern Asia, My road has yet to lead me to those part of the world, but if you have recommendations for a journey to take I’d love to hear them.

Almaty, Kazakhstan Dawn

Where is Almaty, Kazakhstan?

“In the place where the mountain touches the sky, the rivers feed the grateful earth, and the sun is so especially tender, the Big Apple started to grow” (Almaty Today). I recently had a conversation with my aunt who confessed that even though I’ve lived here in Almaty for three years, she still has a hard time explaining where exactly Almaty is to people who ask. So for the curious, the geographically challenged, and those[…]

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