A Balkans Bucket-List for the New Year

From Greece to Serbia, Slovenia to Albania, I’ve come to understand that the countries that make up the Balkan Peninsula offer exceptional scenery, great food, a complex and fascinating history, and wonderfully hospitable people. As I look forward to the coming year, here is my Balkans Bucket-List for 2015 (in the arbitrarily chosen order of South to North). My 2015 Balkan Bucket-List 1. Hike the Vikos Gorge (Greece) Some Polish travelers who stayed with me[…]

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The Town Hall Christmas Tree, decorated with painted cups and bottles in Ljubljana Slovenia

How do you say Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas from the road! I am spending Christmas in beautiful Zagreb as I travel down the Balkan peninsula back to Tirana. Here’s how the different Balkan countries say Merry Christmas: in Albanian: Gëzuar Krishtlindjet In Bosnian: Cestit Bozic in Bulgarian: Весела Коледа (Vesela Koleda) In Croatian: Sretan Božić in Macedonian: Среќен Божик (sreken Bozheek) or Христос се роди! (Hristoc se rodi!) – Christ is born. In Montenegrin: (Hristos se rodi) – Christ is Born, although[…]

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Birdseye view of visitors walking the streets of Dubrovnik

Down the Eastern Adriatic: Photogallery

When my mother and I set out on our journey from Ljubljana to Tirana, we had only an outline of a plan: follow the Eastern Adriatic coastline, travel by public transit, and have fun. It took us seven days to travel over 1000 kilometers – all by bus.  We stopped in Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, and Kotor, and enjoyed every second of the Journey.  Here is the Eastern Adriatic Photogallery. Down the Eastern Adriatic Day[…]

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Peeking through the defenses at Kotor's Southern Gurdic Gate

Down the Eastern Adriatic: Kotor

Part V: Dubrovnik to Kotor Our bus from Dubrovnik to Kotor, Montenegro left at a leisurely 11:00am.  The driver didn’t feel comfortable putting my trombone underneath the bus so as our mostly empty bus pulled out of Dubrovnik, I wedged the trombone into the seat behind me so that my mother and I could sit together. We reached the Montenegrin border in about thirty minutes which meant that most of the two hour trip was[…]

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The fishing village of, one of the bus stops between Rijeka and Zadar in Croatia

Down the Eastern Adriatic: Useful Websites and Web Resources

Useful Websites and Web Resources In early November 2014, my mother and I traveled along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.  During the Tourist Season, this trip is quite simple and can be done by bus or Ferry as numerous boats connect each of Croatia’s destination cities. In the off season, however, transportation wasn’t quite so simple. Here is a list of the web resources I found most helpful as I worked to figure[…]

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