hiking at lake Bohinj

Slovenia: Hiking at Lake Bohinj

Hiking at Lake Bohinj   Lake Bohinj is situated at the edge of Slovenia’s only national park – Triglav National Park. Only a two hour bus ride from Ljubljana, it is a quiet lake set among the peaks of the Julian Alps. While it might be best known for skiing, in the summer, the dozens of hiking trails that sprout from various points around its shores draw outdoors enthusiasts from around the region. Slapovi Mostnice[…]

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Piran, Slovenia

Slovenia: 5 things to do in Piran

Slovenia: 5 things to do in Piran Piran’s old town is one of those picturesque medieval towns reserved for postcard pictures, and travel magazines. It is a popular spot for Italian and Slovenian holiday makers but rarely makes a destination for those of us coming from a bit further afield.  Whether you are just visiting for a day, or planning a longer holiday, these “five things to do in Piran” are sure to deepen your[…]

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View of Piran, Slovenia

Slovenia: Impressions of Piran

Impressions of Piran The tiny city of Piran is one of Slovenia’s best preserved medieval towns. Successively occupied by Illyrians, Romans, Franks, and Slavs, Piran was once a part of the Roman, and Byzantine empires, the Kingdom of Italy, the Dukedom of Bavaria, before eventually seeking greater autonomy through an alliance with the Venetian Republic. Today, Piran’s architecture helps tell its history. The dramatic Byzantine fortification built during the 7th century watch over the city[…]

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Slovenia: Small Adventures in Ordinary Towns

Small Adventures in Ordinary Towns   Today I went to Menges. If you don’t know where that is, that’s ok. If you do know where that is, I suspect I can guess your hobby.  Menges (pronounced Men-gesh) is a very ordinary-looking town that the bus passes through between the airport and Ljubljana. From the main road the town is little more than a collection of ordinary homes and a pretty bell tower. To be honest,[…]

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A Balkans Bucket-List for the New Year

From Greece to Serbia, Slovenia to Albania, I’ve come to understand that the countries that make up the Balkan Peninsula offer exceptional scenery, great food, a complex and fascinating history, and wonderfully hospitable people. As I look forward to the coming year, here is my Balkans Bucket-List for 2015 (in the arbitrarily chosen order of South to North). My 2015 Balkan Bucket-List 1. Hike the Vikos Gorge (Greece) Some Polish travelers who stayed with me[…]

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Stara roba - Nova raba might be Ljubljana's only true thrift shop

Thrift Shopping in Ljubljana

I’ve been a thrift-shopper for most of my life. As a kid, my brother and I would raid the Salvation Army thrift shop down the street from my grandmother’s house digging through old suitcases and forgotten toys.  On the way home we checked out the junk at the short row of antique shops selling old furniture and collectibles for way too much money.  Anything old, quirky, or vintage, was fair game on those shopping sprees.[…]

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The Town Hall Christmas Tree, decorated with painted cups and bottles in Ljubljana Slovenia

How do you say Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas from the road! I am spending Christmas in beautiful Zagreb as I travel down the Balkan peninsula back to Tirana. Here’s how the different Balkan countries say Merry Christmas: in Albanian: Gëzuar Krishtlindjet In Bosnian: Cestit Bozic in Bulgarian: Весела Коледа (Vesela Koleda) In Croatian: Sretan Božić in Macedonian: Среќен Божик (sreken Bozheek) or Христос се роди! (Hristoc se rodi!) – Christ is born. In Montenegrin: (Hristos se rodi) – Christ is Born, although[…]

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