Some of the scenery along the way on the train from Milan to Zurich

The Train from Milan to Zurich

The Train from Milan to Zurich   Getting Started “We can sell your ticket here, but for the dog you must buy on the train.” “Ok,” I replied. I vaguely remembered some complication with dog travel when crossing this particular border, so I wasn’t worried. Mostly I was just excited about the direct train from Milan to zurich through the mountains of northern Italy and Switzerland. There are more scenic ways to travel this route.[…]

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The Gothic Facade of Duomo di Milan

Italy: Love and Loathing in Milan

Love and Loathing in Milan The Importance of Good Impressions… I dragged my dog’s (Bonnie) travel box – tied onto a wheeled duffel bag with a web of red rope across the train platform in Milan dodging running train passengers and lumbering luggage carts. Milan is our last stop in Italy before heading north to Frankfurt for our flight back to the US. I navigated my cumbersome luggage nimbly through the crowd that filled Milan’s[…]

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Ancona, Italy

Italy: Up the Adriatic Coast – An Afternoon in Ancona

Up the Adriatic Coast Part II: An Afternoon in Ancona     The brown, brick buildings of Ancona’s old town sweep up the bluff like a wave surging at the sandy shores. From a distance, the city looks like a jumble of blocks punctuated by the domes and towers of the town’s churches. Once inside, the picture changes and the jumble of blocks becomes a succession of stately constructions that climb the hill on stone-cobbled[…]

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The elegant interior betrays the cafe's popularity

Ca’puccino, Milan

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Milan) Saturday, 27 June 27, 2015 Ca’puccino, Milan (Viale Piave and Via Marcello Malphighi)   Ca’puccino   Just across from Porta Venezia, at the intersection of Viale Piave and Via Marcello Malphighi, an elegant little restaurant-cafe watches the bustle of Milan’s streets through place glass windows: Ca’puccino.   I find Ca’puccino quite by accident on my way to a panini place just up the street. When I see the interior decorated with[…]

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The crypt of the Cattedrale di San Sabino in Bari, Italy

Italy: Impressions of Bari

Impressions of Bari on May Day   From the deck of  the Ventouris ferry that links Albania and Italy the city of Bari looked like little more than a blur of brown on the horizon. Even as we pulled into the dock, the brown buildings seemed to merge with the brown haze in the air. Only a solitary, tall, white lighthouse at the entrance to the port broke the long streak of brown on the[…]

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Bari, Italy

Photogallery: Bari

Photogallery: Bari Even though Bari is the second largest city in southern Italy, it is not a major tourist destination. Best known by travelers as the place to catch a ferry to Albania, Montenegro, or Croatia, Bari holds attractions beyond its identity as a transportation hub. The picturesque old town boasts a Norman-Swabian castle in all of its heavy majesty, a beautiful cathedral, an imposing basilica, and nearly 20 other churches of varying size and[…]

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A Brownie and Espresso at Bacio di Latte in Bari, Italy

Bari: A Tale of Two Coffee Shops

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Bari, Italy) Friday 1 May and Saturday 2 May 2015 Bacio di Latte and Caffe Borghese in Bari, Italy 1. Bacio di Latte Everything inside feels light and airy – like those white sheets fluttering in the sunshine from the laundry detergent advertisements. Even the outside – with its perfect, white paneling, feels clean and refreshing. Near the old town on the pedestrianized Via Sparano, Bacio di Latte has a high profile[…]

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