Western Europe – a modern construct that sprung from the artificial divisions that arose from the cold war era includes those countries that weren’t allied with communism or the soviet Union during the 2nd half of the 20th Century.

Southern Spain’s Pueblos Blancos and the case for traveling slow

Everyone I’ve ever known who has traveled to Spain visited one of two cities: Madrid or Barcelona. When I began planning a winter holiday in the Iberian Peninsula, however, I was looking for a place decidedly quieter (and hopefully warmer) – so when planning a holiday to take with my parents last winter, I looked southward to the province of Andalusia. The trip is done, lessons learned and here are some thoughts I’ve had about[…]

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London Photo Gallery

Photogallery: London

London is a city with endless opportunities for stunning photographs, a city filled with iconic architecture and diverse groups of people. the The fast pace of traffic speeding through Piccadilly Circus, and the crawl of a leisurely stroll in Hyde park, the rush of a red bus and the roll of the river Thames.  From the famous to the mundane, photographing this city is an ever-changing, ever-challenging prospect.

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