Saigon by Night

Vietnam: A Snapshot of Saigon

A Snapshot of Saigon in words and pictures   Saigon: a city of contrasts. A city where dull, dirty, and grey low-rise buildings with rusted balcony railings watch silently over the chaotic streets surging with the fluid color of round helmets carried through streets as if by a rush of water, or the wind. A city where dull, grey block buildings give way to ornate Baroque facades that speak to the delicate tastes of the[…]

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Yangshuo and Guilin in Pictures

Photogallery: Yangshuo and Guilin in Pictures (China)

Yangshuo and Guilin in Pictures Guilin City was established sometime during the fourth century. Located in the Northeast corner of Guangxi Province, the dramatic karst landscape is a major draw to tourists from all over the world. These pictures of Yangshuo and Guilin: captured on a whirlwind, weekend trip show the magnificent landscapes, and impressive cultural heritage of a fascinating region.     Please follow and like us:

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Snake River Canyon

Snapshots from the American West: Between Mountain Ranges

Snapshots from the American West Between Mountain Ranges – a Road Trip West of the Mountains The Cascade Mountains divide the states of Oregon and Washington in a way that no national boundary could. On the western side of the Cascade Mountains, one finds lush forests and large, verdant plots of farmland. The western side of the mountains is home to the the cities of Seattle, Olympia, and Portland. East of the Mountains On the[…]

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Green River, Utah

Snapshots of the American West: Green River, Utah

Snapshots from the American West Green River, Utah   Green River Utah, where mule trains traveling the Old Spanish Trail from Santa Fe to Los Angeles forded the swift running Green River. Today the small town is little more than an overnight stop for those making the same journey. Even though Green River doesn’t look like much to those just passing through, the town has a variety of natural treasures that she keeps well hidden.[…]

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Dolores, Colorado

Snapshots from the American West: Dolores, CO

Snapshots from the American West Dolores, CO It was my sister, a long-time resident of Durango, Colorado who suggested I spend some time in Dolores. I mentioned to her that I was trying to capture the modern American West in photography. I told her I was looking for those down-and-out towns that are fading ever so slowly into the dust of the western deserts – those towns that are everywhere – barely hanging on to[…]

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Saloon in Easton, Washington

Snapshots of the American West: Easton, WA

Easton, Washington was founded in 1902 as a railroad town. At it’s height, the town had over 2000 residents. As interstate highways made the railroad less relevant in the second half of the 20th century, towns like Easton sank into a slow economic decline.  Their stories and past glories can still be read on the boarded-up facades of main street. Freight trains still pass through Easton but today, most of the relevant businesses sit just[…]

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