Bonnie in Utah Utah rest area

Bonnie in Utah

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog Bonnie in Utah After several relaxing weeks in Durango, Bonnie and I began our journey to China. Our trip began with a two day road trip from Durango to Salt Lake City, Utah. Since I was renting a car, Bonnie rode in her travel box. She wasn’t too thrilled about the situation, but she enjoyed our stops in the ever-sweltering town of Moab, and in little Green River (Utah).  She[…]

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Bonnie on the River Trail in Durango, CO

Bonnie in Durango, CO

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog: Bonnie in Durango From Albania through Italy. Switzerland, and Germany – Then across Washington, Idaho and Utah until at last Bonnie and I reached a point of relative repose at my family’s place in Durango, Colorado. Durango is a good place to be a dog. Bonnie spent many happy hours scouting deer along the River Trail, running in the expansive dog part at the base of Smelter Mountain, and chasing[…]

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Bonnie in Mainz

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog Bonnie in Mainz Bonnie’s final stop before flying to the United States was the charming town of Mainz, Germany. There, she learned to play in shallow water when a dog playmate pulled her into the Rhine river. She also walked through an underpass painted by some of the world’s top graffiti artists at a recent graffiti festival, and learned of the deliciousness of a well made Doner Box.   Please[…]

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The Albanian dog, Bonnie in Zurich, Switzerland

Bonnie in Zurich

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog Bonnie in Zurich From Milan, Bonnie took the train to Zurich, Switzerland where she stayed in a very expensive hotel room with wall-to-wall carpeting that she couldn’t get enough of. She even shunned her pillow in favor of a sleepy sprawl on the carpet. We explored Zurich on a sleepy, Sunday afternoon, looking into the windows of darkened shops, and sniffing at the food in restaurants too expensive for us.[…]

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