Hadouta coffee shop, Ljubljana

Hadouta, Ljubljana

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Ljubljana) Monday, 15 June 2015 Hadouta, Ljubljana (map)   Hadouta The Egyptian-themed Hadouta  might be Ljubljana’s only ethnic coffee shop. I don’t even know if “ethnic coffee shop” is a thing, but it should be. There are some rituals and processes and traditions around coffee that only exist in a certain place. For example, no one makes coffee like Ethiopians make coffee – and if you were to go to an Ethiopian[…]

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Tozd in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tozd, Ljubljana

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Ljubljana) Thursday 9 April, 2015 Tozd (Gallusovo nabrežje 27, Ljubljana map)   Even among Ljubljana’s many outstanding coffee shops, Tozd is special. Not only does it possess a definitively unique vibe and decor, it is also serves outstanding home-roasted coffee. I’ve had coffee here several times before and am excited to get here on my own with a book for once. The tables outside on the street overlooking the Ljubanica River are[…]

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le Petit Cafe menue

le Petit Cafe, Ljubljana

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Ljubljana) Sunday 21 December, 2014 le Petit Cafe, (Trg francoske revolucije 4 map, website) The cafe is packed and it takes us a few moments to find an empty table back in the corner near the restroom. I order the house specialty: Tall Latte “le petit” and get out my book as my dad exclaims in wonder at each subsequent breakfast emerging from the kitchen. I first tried this cafe a couple[…]

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Cappuccino at Trubar Cafe in Ljubljana

Slovenia: A Few of Ljubljana’s Coffee Shops

A Few of Ljubljana’s Coffee Shops   As explored by the real and fictional members of the Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club   I have been privileged this autumn to spend several weeks in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Good coffee is plentiful in this charming capital and Ljubljana coffee shops run the gamut from fun to quirky to sophisticated.   Most of the coffee is Italian, as is the method of preparation. What follows is a short list of the[…]

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Kapuciner in Ljubljana Slovenia

Kapuciner, Ljubljana

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Ljubljana) Sunday, 14 December 2014 Kapuciner (Kongresni trg 15) I take a seat on the eggplant colored high-backed bench that runs along one of the walls. Each table is lit by a single bulb, shaded by black bowler hats and top hats.  The hats make me happy. We give our drink orders to a young woman with gentle features and soft-brown hair cut into a very respectable shoulder length bob. Her nice[…]

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Cappuccino at Trubar Cafe in Ljubljana

Trubar, Ljubljana

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Ljubljana) Sunday, 7 December 2014 Trubar (Trubarjeva cesta 53) Trubar   Trubar, named after the author of the first Slovene printed book, is a fun shop with a very local feel. Trubar is located on the edgier end of the old town area, just past the old bicycle factory, and only one block up from the river.  Beige swivel chairs, textured wall decor, and a little semi-private nook, all give the little[…]

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Nakavo coffee shop in Ljubljana

Nakavo, Ljubljana

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Travel Edition) Sunday, 26 October 2014 Nakavo (Prešernov Trg) Nakavo   Usually I choose cafes and coffee shops with proper seating.  I like places with funky tables and brightly colore chairs or fun lofts with seating high above the main floor, or in the basement down a magical staircase.  Nakavo, on Prešernov Square – one of old Ljubljana’s most famous sites with its pink church and three bridges – has none of[…]

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