Hoi An Roastery in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Roastery

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Hoi An, Vietnam) Friday, 18 December 2015 Hoi An Roastery (135 Tran Phu Street)   Hoi An Roastery Hoi An Roastery is a locally-sourced, fair-trade coffee shop and roastery at the heart of Hoi An’s famous old town. The coffee shop is is crowded but my friends and I find a place at the long table that stretches between two wooden support columns in a back covered courtyard area.  This is the[…]

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Sand Dune Cafe Runam

Cafe Runam, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Saigon, HCMC) Sunday, 13 December 2015 Cafe Runam (96 Moc Thi Boui Street – map)   Cafe Runam Jazzy Christmas carols play as I climb the steps to Cafe Runam’s 2nd floor patio. It is deserted when I arrive and I choose the prettiest spot – a seat in a verdant alcove overlooking the street. I take a look at the menu, it’s a tough choice between a Vietnamese Iced Coffee with[…]

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Moab Coffee Roasters, Moab

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Moab) Monday, 31 August 2015 Moab Coffee Roasters (90 N Main St – map)   Moab Coffee Roasters   Most of the tables outside of this little cafe on the corner of Main Street and 100 No. are made of steel mesh. There are only three tables that vary – two of those have tiled tops and the third, the one I’ve chosen, appears to be an old, wooden kitchen table painted[…]

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Durango Joe's, Durango Colorado

Durango Joe’s, Durango

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Durango) Sunday, July 26 2015 Durango Joe’s (1211 Escalante Drive, Durango Colorado)   Durango Joe’s Durango Joe’s is something of a local fixture in Durango, Colorado – just as Dutch Bro’s is a fixture in Eastern Oregon and Southern Idaho. These local chains have gained traction in America’s west disillusioned by, but still secretly in love with Starbucks. Durango Joe’s has four locations, today I am at one I’ve never visited before[…]

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The elegant interior betrays the cafe's popularity

Ca’puccino, Milan

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Milan) Saturday, 27 June 27, 2015 Ca’puccino, Milan (Viale Piave and Via Marcello Malphighi)   Ca’puccino   Just across from Porta Venezia, at the intersection of Viale Piave and Via Marcello Malphighi, an elegant little restaurant-cafe watches the bustle of Milan’s streets through place glass windows: Ca’puccino.   I find Ca’puccino quite by accident on my way to a panini place just up the street. When I see the interior decorated with[…]

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Hadouta coffee shop, Ljubljana

Hadouta, Ljubljana

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Ljubljana) Monday, 15 June 2015 Hadouta, Ljubljana (map)   Hadouta The Egyptian-themed Hadouta  might be Ljubljana’s only ethnic coffee shop. I don’t even know if “ethnic coffee shop” is a thing, but it should be. There are some rituals and processes and traditions around coffee that only exist in a certain place. For example, no one makes coffee like Ethiopians make coffee – and if you were to go to an Ethiopian[…]

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Greenet Cafe in Belgrade, Serbia

Greenet Cafe, Belgrade

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club Monday, 25 May, 2015 Greenet Cafe, Belgrade (Website)   Greenet Cafe   The room smells vaguely of cigarette smoke. Most cafe’s in Serbia smell vaguely of cigarette smoke. The unpleasant smell is all that remains of the night-time revelers that transform coffee bars into nightclubs throughout this region. The ceiling is bright red, contrasting with the forest green furnishings and light, floral wall paper. I’m not sure why I chose Greenet –[…]

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