Lhasa Tibet Window Curtains

Tibet: Welcome to Lhasa

Everest to Shenzhen An overland journey from one side of China to the other Part I: Welcome to Lhasa A Mountain Sea From the window of the plane I saw deep, dark-green valleys. Cloud-rivers spilled across the mountain valleys, moving ever downwards in a cascade of fog and mist. Tall, snow-capped peaks rose above the deep green valleys below far below. I felt a sudden thrill: Tibet. For Chinese citizens, a visit to Tibet is[…]

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A Planning Guide to the John Wayne Pioneer Trail

A Planning Guide to the John Wayne Pioneer Trail   Washington State’s John Wayne Pioneer Trail and Iron Horse State Park is just emerging as a premier long-distance multi-use trail. Built along the old “Milwaukee Road” railroad grade the trail stretches from North Bend to the Idaho border, although the further east you go from the Snoqualmie Tunnel, the worse the trail conditions get. The trail is a multi-use trail open to hikers, bicycles, horses,[…]

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My Samsonite F'lite and my Eagle Creek Duffle

Moving Abroad: What to Take, What to Leave

Moving Abroad: What to Take, What to Leave   For people moving internationally for the first time, what to take can be a daunting question with many multi faceted answers. The short, and admittedly flip answer often given to people packing for their first international move is to “take only what you can’t live without.” The truth is – if that was our true packing criteria – we would take very little with us. Most[…]

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Packing Light

A Short Guide to Packing Light

Leave this, Take that A Short Guide to Packing Light   Once upon a time, I thought I packed light. I carried my 50 liter Vaude Brenta backpack stuffed tight with everything I could possibly need for a week-long trip and I usually was the person with the least luggage. Then I went on a trip with a peace corps volunteer who carried only a small backpack for our 7 day trip to Tajikistan. Oh,[…]

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Large heard of sheep on the dusty road

Traveling in Kazakhstan: FAQ’s

¬†Traveling in Kazakhstan: FAQ’s Thinking about traveling in Kazakhstan? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! If you are feeling nervous, or just have some questions – here are some of the answers I give to some of the most frequently asked questions about traveling in Kazakhstan. 1. Is it helpful to know Russian when traveling in Kazakhstan? Yes, Russian is widely spoken as either a first or second language in Kazakhstan, so if[…]

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Looking down Calle de la Scuola dei Boteri toward Campo dei Gesuiti in Venice, Italy

Italy: Venice and Questions of Sustainable Tourism

Venice and Questions of Sustainable Tourism Venice is one of the most visited cities on earth. As many as 60,000 tourists visit the city each day.¬† In the summer, that number rises to 100,000 – that’s as many people as actually live in the city – every second person is a tourist. The numbers alone make sustainable tourism in Venice an urgent and pressing question for a city that is already in a fragile and[…]

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Ethnographic museum in Gjirokaster

Traveling to Albania? Here are some helpful links

A post consisting of a list of helpful links – how exciting, I know! On the other hand having all of this in one place would have helped me out quite a bit when I first arrived in Tirana (instead of doing countless internet scavenger hunts to find it all) so hopefully I’m saving someone somewhere some work by putting them all in one place. Happy trails! Helpful Links to Online Guides and other information:[…]

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