The Olympic Discovery Trail in Washington State

Tales from the Olympic Discovery Trail

The Long Walk Tales from the Olympic Discovery Trail Day 1 – Rialto Beach to Mora Campground Distance: 2 miles Wildlife Seen: Two otters swimming in a dark pool right next to the road. Every journey begins somewhere and mine began at Rialto Beach on the Olympic Peninsula’s Pacific Coast. After setting up camp at Mora Campground, my dad, my dog (Bonnie) and I walked the two miles to the beach in the waning hours of[…]

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My Son, Vietnam

5 tips for travel in Vietnam

5 Tips for Travel in Vietnam Vietnam is fast becoming one of southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Low prices combined with beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, long stretches of sandy beach, and enough cultural and historic sites to satisfy even the most avid historian all cry out to those travelers on the cusp of each new travel wave. If you are planning to travel in Vietnam, here are five tips to help you navigate this[…]

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HH Gourmet, Shekou

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club Saturday, 24 October 2015 HH Gourmet, (Nanhai Rose Garden Phase 2, No. 1089-29 Wang Hai Road – map)   HH Gourmet   HH Gourmet advertises “Bagels & More” – but I’m here for the bagels. The coffee is fine, but bagels – that elusive food from my homeland – are the real draw.  The Television is showing baseball and an American man – thin, bearded and engrossed smiles as I check out[…]

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Bonnie on the Pioneer Trail

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog Bonnie on the Pioneer Trail After flying into Seattle, Bonnie and I headed immediately for the mountains and spent six days walking and camping the John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Washington’s Iron Horse State park. Our ramble took us through dense pine forests, across numerous train trestles, and through through the 2.3 mile-long Snoqualmie tunnel.   Please follow and like us:

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Bonnie in Mainz

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog Bonnie in Mainz Bonnie’s final stop before flying to the United States was the charming town of Mainz, Germany. There, she learned to play in shallow water when a dog playmate pulled her into the Rhine river. She also walked through an underpass painted by some of the world’s top graffiti artists at a recent graffiti festival, and learned of the deliciousness of a well made Doner Box.   Please[…]

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Bonnie and the Italian Bureaucracy

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog Bonnie and the Italian Bureaucracy Bonnie needed a new vet’s signature in Italy. So we stopped in Falconara Marittima, near Ancona for a few days. There we spent several hours in the waiting room of a very kind vet who went out of his way to make sure Bonnie had new travel papers. In the showdown between Bonnie and the Italian Bureaucracy, the kindness of good-hearted people won the day[…]

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Durango Joe's, Durango Colorado

Durango Joe’s, Durango

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Durango) Sunday, July 26 2015 Durango Joe’s (1211 Escalante Drive, Durango Colorado)   Durango Joe’s Durango Joe’s is something of a local fixture in Durango, Colorado – just as Dutch Bro’s is a fixture in Eastern Oregon and Southern Idaho. These local chains have gained traction in America’s west disillusioned by, but still secretly in love with Starbucks. Durango Joe’s has four locations, today I am at one I’ve never visited before[…]

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