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Saturday 1 August, 2015

Durango Coffee Company (730 Main Ave, Durango Colorado – map)


Durango Coffee Company

Durango Coffee Company


I walk through the glass, main-street doors into the colorful interior of the Durango Coffee Company. Some shops paint their interiors to be colorful, but the interior of the Durango Coffee Company is colorful by nature. This coffee shop doubles as a culinary store selling the colorful high-end cooking accessories that crowd the walls and shelves of the coffee shop.

Durango Coffee Company has been a staple of the Durango coffee scene since the 1980’s and has been stalwart part of Durango’s historic main street since 1990. This is the one coffee shop that began as a bean roasting company before branching out into its current form of part gourmet-coffee-shop, part-culinary-shop.

I study the menu for a moment skimming the selection of fancy drinks with names like Milky Way Mocha and Almond Joy Latte. Before approaching the counter to order an ordinary latte from the middle aged gentleman at the cash register.

“Anything else for you?” he asked.

I give the glass display-case with its tempting array of cakes and cookies before replying, “no thanks, just the latte.”

I take a seat at one of the round tables at the front of the shop. This shop is perpetually popular with locals and tourists alike and I’m not surprised to see open laptops on several of the tables. At the table next to me, a turquoise Osprey backpack sits half open with the tell-tale brown and white checkers of a Brown’s shoe store bag peaking out of the top. In Europe I would assume they were traveling, but I am in Durango colorado where people carry Osprey backpacks to work.

I pull out my Kindle and begin reading. I’m still toward the beginning of Cenntenial: A Novel. Having finished the set-up of the first chapter, I am neck deep in Chapter 2 which seems to be a history of of the earth as told by the rocks of the Rocky Mountains.

“Those lost two billion years lie upon the consciousness of man the way vague memories of ghosts survive in the recollections of childhood. When man did finally arrive on the scene, e would be the inheritor of those vanished years, and everything he did would be limited to some degree by hat had happened to his earth in those forgotten years, for it was then that its quality was determined, its mineral content, the value of its soil and the salinity of its waters.” – Centennial: A Novel by James A. Michener

I love this book! It is interesting to read without losing any of the finer points of literary writing. Also it is the most intriguing manner of story-telling I’ve ever read in what is essentially a geology report.


Coffee at the Durango Coffee Company
Coffee at the Durango Coffee Company

I hear my name called and go to the counter to collect my Latte. It comes in a paper cup, lidless to show the fancy leaf stenciled into the foamy milk. I leave the cup lidless, and return to my seat before taking a sip. The latte is bitter and strong. The milk – coffee ratio is way off…not enough milk and the coffee has that bitter, over-cooked flavor Americans seem to love in their coffee.  I don’t want to drink it  but I don’t want to throw it away, so I set the cup down and return to my book.

“It is essential to comprehend the meaning of time. When a mountain ten thousand feet high vanishes over a period of forty million years, what has happened? Each million years it loses two hundred and fifty feet, which means each thousand years it loses three inches. The loss peryear would e minuscule and could not have been detected while it was happening.” – Centennial: A Novel by James A. Michener

…which begs the question: what will the earth look like in another forty million years? What oceans will have formed, what mountains will have vanished. I climb a mountain and am impressed by its permanence – but it isn’t permanent, it just changes so much more slowly that it feels permanent to those of us with lifetimes that flare and vanish like the streak of a shooting star.

“The Rockies are therefore very young and should never be thought of as ancient. They are still in the process of building and eroding and no one today can calculate what tehy will look like ten million years from now. They have the extravagant beauty of youth, the allure of adolescence, and they are mountains to be loved.” Centennial: A Novel by James A. Michener

I take another sip of the Latte. It tastes a bit better than the first sip, but it still tastes pretty undrinkable. I’m disappointed as this is the first mediocre drink I’ve ever had here, usually the coffee drinks are quite delicious. I pack up my book and grab a lid for the cup – I’ll dispose of the it elsewhere.


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The Durango Coffee Company website is cooksandcoffee.com

Durango Coffee Company is open daily 7:00am – 9:00pm


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