Morrone Rosso Coffee Shop Almaty

Marrone Rosso, Almaty

The Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club Sunday, 26 February, 2012 Marrone Rosso  (Furmanova/Zhambyl) Located on Furmanova just up from the Opera, Marrone Rosso is one of Almaty’s more popular coffee shops.  This morning, armed with my posse of fictional characters, I took the metro downtown to sample the food and drink and to share a good story. The atmosphere of Marrone Rosso is quieter than that of Coffee Delia, but a bit busier than Bisqvit.  Soft pop[…]

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Biskvit Coffee Shop in Almaty

Bisqvit, Almaty

The Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club Sunday, 5 February, 2012 Bisqvit (Shevcheko, just west of Dostyk) According to a review on the Lonely Planet website, Bisqvit is “marginally smarter than Coffeedelia, with arguably the best coffee in town.”  I have read the “best coffee in town” claim elsewhere and being a confirmed coffee-phile, I was excited to try this place out.  So this morning I set out in the snow to meet Mr. Fielding, Dr. Aziz, Mrs.[…]

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