Tibet: Altitude, Agencies, and Weather

Altitude, Agencies, and Weather Some tips for planning a trip to Tibet So, you are planning a trip to Tibet. I confess, I’m a bit jealous! The short time I spent in Tibet was both inspirational and transformative.  I remember it as one of those rare places that embed themselves in every part my being. Last spring when my friends and I planned our trip, we had a number of questions and concerns.  Many of those questions were answered by our travel[…]

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My Son, Vietnam

5 tips for travel in Vietnam

5 Tips for Travel in Vietnam Vietnam is fast becoming one of southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Low prices combined with beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, long stretches of sandy beach, and enough cultural and historic sites to satisfy even the most avid historian all cry out to those travelers on the cusp of each new travel wave. If you are planning to travel in Vietnam, here are five tips to help you navigate this[…]

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Packing Light

A Short Guide to Packing Light

Leave this, Take that A Short Guide to Packing Light   Once upon a time, I thought I packed light. I carried my 50 liter Vaude Brenta backpack stuffed tight with everything I could possibly need for a week-long trip and I usually was the person with the least luggage. Then I went on a trip with a peace corps volunteer who carried only a small backpack for our 7 day trip to Tajikistan. Oh,[…]

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