Xi'an, China

China: A Weekend in Xi’an

What to do with a weekend in Xi’an Xi’an was once a great capital city that was home to the confluence of cultures that met at the end of the silk road.  Today, Xi’an is China’s second most popular tourist destination. Like many travelers, I had only a short time to explore this great city.  Here is what I did on a short weekend in Xi’an. 1. Come Face to Face with the Terra-cotta Army The Terracotta Army of[…]

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Yangtze River Cruise, China

China: Down the Yangtze River

Everest to Shenzhen An overland journey from one side of China to the other Part VIII: A Yangtze River Cruise Loud drums out of tune trumpets rattled my window pain. I slid open the balcony door and looked down to the dock below where another tour group boarded the boat.  All the groups were greeted with this raucous and brassy fanfare. I arrived at the quayside much earlier in the afternoon and strolled across the floating[…]

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