Hadouta coffee shop, Ljubljana

Hadouta, Ljubljana

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Ljubljana) Monday, 15 June 2015 Hadouta, Ljubljana (map)   Hadouta The Egyptian-themed Hadouta¬† might be Ljubljana’s only ethnic coffee shop. I don’t even know if “ethnic coffee shop” is a thing, but it should be. There are some rituals and processes and traditions around coffee that only exist in a certain place. For example, no one makes coffee like Ethiopians make coffee – and if you were to go to an Ethiopian[…]

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the fortress of Kalemegdan in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia: My Belgrade Top 5

My Belgrade Top 5 5 fun and slightly geeky things to do in Belgrade   With more than 2 million residents, Belgrade is one of the largest cities in the region. The city has a lot to offer her residents and those who pass through. Low-priced museums with first rate exhibitions, an insane night life that lasts well into mid-morning, not to mention plenty of ruins left by a long succession of invading armies make[…]

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Passage Lounge, Tirana

Passage Lounge, Tirana

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club Sunday, 7 June 2015 Passages Cafe (Rr Lidhja e Prizrenit and¬†Rr Janos Hunyadi – map)     Passage Lounge, Tirana   Tucked away on the kind of alley you only find when you are running late and trying to make up time, Passage lounge is on an island of buildings squeezed between one-way streets and only big enough for a cafe, a butcher and a corner market. I’ve passed this spot several[…]

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A Burger House burger with Fries in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia: Burgers and Beer in Belgrade

Burgers and Beer in Belgrade   I’m not a big burger person. I was Vegetarian until just recently and it has been at least 10 years since I last had a hamburger. Still – there is no better time rediscover something delicious than when you are traveling. So, inspired by a fellow travel blogger, I went on a quest for delicious burgers and tasty beer in Belgrade. Loki   My first stop was Loki. Loki[…]

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Greenet Cafe in Belgrade, Serbia

Greenet Cafe, Belgrade

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club Monday, 25 May, 2015 Greenet Cafe, Belgrade (Website)   Greenet Cafe   The room smells vaguely of cigarette smoke. Most cafe’s in Serbia smell vaguely of cigarette smoke. The unpleasant smell is all that remains of the night-time revelers that transform coffee bars into nightclubs throughout this region. The ceiling is bright red, contrasting with the forest green furnishings and light, floral wall paper. I’m not sure why I chose Greenet –[…]

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The ruined parts of the Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan are picturesque in their ruin.

Photogallery: Belgrade, Zemun, and Novi Sad

Photographs from Serbia Belgrade, Zemun, and Novi Sad Devestated by a weak economy and a series of crippling wars in the 1990’s Serbia is seeing increased popularity as a European travel destination. Her two principal cities, Belgrade and Novi Sad, offer travelers a taste of Balkan culture, an education in Balkan history, and an impressive array of activities and sights. Belgrade: Serbia’s largest city and capital has been fought over by nations and empires for[…]

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Petrovaradin Fortress accross the river from Novi Sad, Serbia

Serbia: Impressions of Novi Sad

Impressions of Novi Sad …Music Festivals, Military Hospitals, Tunnels, Sandwiches, Art…and so much more   We left the bus station in Belgrade in a heavy rain. The forecast called for rain, rain, and more rain but I wasn’t expecting a storm of this intensity. Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city, lies only 70 kilometers to the northeast of Belgrade. I’ve decided to make a day trip of my visit, rather than to try to stay[…]

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