Rathaus Christkindle Market in Vienna

Austrian Advent: Glühwein, and Christmas Markets

An Austrian Advent Glühwein and Christmas Markets Christkindle (Christ Child) Markets, Advent Markets, and Weinachtsen (Christmas) Markets, have a long history in Germanic countries.  The tradition of a market around Advent originated in Germany in the late middle ages. The Austrian incarnation of the Christmas market didn’t take root until well into the 17th century. Examples of earlier precursors – (December markets and such) exist, but there is little evidence of a proper market organized around the[…]

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A woman buying candy at Ljubljana's Christmas Market

3 Conversations from Ljubljana’s Festive Market

For many people, Christmas Markets are one of the best reasons to visit Europe during the holidays. For the entire month of December, cities and towns from Madrid to Sarajevo sprout hut-like vendor stalls selling crafts, food, drink, and a healthy dose Christmas charm. Ljubljana’s Christmas Market (officially called the “Festive Market”) is part of this tradition. From the First weekend in December until the first of January, little wooden booths line the river from[…]

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