Shekou Boardwalk

China: First Impressions of a New Home – Shekou

First Impressions of a New Home Shekou, China in Words and Pictures   Impression: City Streets Large, salty beads of sweat drip from my forehead leaving a trail down my cheeks and neck before turning the collar of my grey t-shirt dark with moisture. I’ve given up trying to wipe the sweat off my brow. It isn’t exactly hot in Shekou – it is barely 27 degrees Celsius. The humidity, though, makes those 27 feel[…]

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The train from Foggia to Ancona, Italy

Italy: Up the Adriatic Coast

Up Italy’s Adriatic Coast   Last fall, my mother and I took a bus trip down the Eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea covering the whole eastern shoreline – or as much of it as the road would allow from Slovenia to Albania (for more about that trip, read my “Down the Eastern Adriatic” series of posts). I’ve always wanted to do same thing with the Italy’s Adriatic coast. I wanted to begin in Lecce,[…]

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the fortress of Kalemegdan in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia: Impressions of Belgrade

Impressions of Belgrade… …a long walk…and rain   “OK, finish,” the white haired bus driver told me making a slashing motion with his hands. This was it. The last stop on the bus line that links the airport with downtown Belgrade. I thanked the driver, grabbed my small backpack and began to walk into town. I checked the time: 6:35am. Too damn early for anything. I had been up all night catching the early morning[…]

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Petrovaradin Fortress accross the river from Novi Sad, Serbia

Serbia: Impressions of Novi Sad

Impressions of Novi Sad …Music Festivals, Military Hospitals, Tunnels, Sandwiches, Art…and so much more   We left the bus station in Belgrade in a heavy rain. The forecast called for rain, rain, and more rain but I wasn’t expecting a storm of this intensity. Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city, lies only 70 kilometers to the northeast of Belgrade. I’ve decided to make a day trip of my visit, rather than to try to stay[…]

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Slovenia: Small Adventures in Ordinary Towns

Small Adventures in Ordinary Towns   Today I went to Menges. If you don’t know where that is, that’s ok. If you do know where that is, I suspect I can guess your hobby.  Menges (pronounced Men-gesh) is a very ordinary-looking town that the bus passes through between the airport and Ljubljana. From the main road the town is little more than a collection of ordinary homes and a pretty bell tower. To be honest,[…]

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The view from the Old Road to Elbasan

The Old Road to Elbasan

The “Old” Road to Elbasan “That road is very dangerous. Be careful – drive slow.” It’s funny how quickly confidence can evaporate with the simple expression of concern. I am a naturally cautious person, so adding another person’s abundance of caution to the thousands of cautious little voices already chatting away furiously in my mind can be overwhelming. Small doubts about execution become big plan-crippling doubts about the entire scheme and for a moment I[…]

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Some of Sarajevo's trams are new, others are ancient graffitied relics of another age.

Impressions of Sarajevo in the Snow

Impressions of Sarajevo in the Snow As the grey dusk fade into a black night, the lights in the windows of the houses that climb the hillside shine yellow – twinkling like stars in the murky, winter air. The smog is so dense that even on a clear night, the crescent moon looks more like a fuzzy orb hanging like a lamp in the night sky. A collection of young people stamp their feet and[…]

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