Long Layover: 6 Hours in Shanghai

Long Layover: 6 Hours in Shanghai My bus pulled into the Shanghai South Long Distance Coach Terminal at 9 am.  Since my flight wasn’t scheduled to depart from Dupong International Airport until 7:20, I wanted to make as much as I could of my six hours in Shanghai. I did a little research and opted for a circular route beginning and ending at People’s Square and encompassing several of Shanghai’s most popular attractions.  Here is what I did with[…]

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Ronghui Hotsprings in Chongqing, China

Hot Pot and Hotsprings – 24 Hours in Chongqing, China

Everest to Shenzhen An overland journey from one side of China to the other Part VII: Hot Pot and Hotsprings – 24 Hours in Chongqing, China   Chongqing is a huge city. Many in China claim it is the world’s largest city. If you count all of the rural areas inside the government’s administrative boundaries, they are right. The administrative area of Chongqing has an estimated population of just over 30 million.  The urban area of Chongqing, however,[…]

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Nanning Museum of Nationalities

Long Layover: One Day in Nanning, China

Long Layover: One day in Nanning, China By Chinese standards, Nanning is a tiny city. With just 2 million people, it is barely the size of a neighborhood in one of China’s Pearl River cities. Even so, it is the Capital and the largest and most populous city of Guangxi Province. My Friends and I, like many travelers, stopped in Nanning on our way from Hanoi to Hong Kong on the tail end of a[…]

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