Long Layover: 6 Hours in Shanghai

Long Layover: 6 Hours in Shanghai My bus pulled into the Shanghai South Long Distance Coach Terminal at 9 am.  Since my flight wasn’t scheduled to depart from Dupong International Airport until 7:20, I wanted to make as much as I could of my six hours in Shanghai. I did a little research and opted for a circular route beginning and ending at People’s Square and encompassing several of Shanghai’s most popular attractions.  Here is what I did with[…]

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Nanning Museum of Nationalities

Long Layover: One Day in Nanning, China

Long Layover: One day in Nanning, China By Chinese standards, Nanning is a tiny city. With just 2 million people, it is barely the size of a neighborhood in one of China’s Pearl River cities. Even so, it is the Capital and the largest and most populous city of Guangxi Province. My Friends and I, like many travelers, stopped in Nanning on our way from Hanoi to Hong Kong on the tail end of a[…]

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam: My Hanoi Top 5

Vietnam: My Hanoi Top 5 Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is home to around 8 million people.  The city was founded more than 1000 years ago, and yet most of the historic sites in town are a good deal more recent than that. Hanoi holds something for nearly every interest. Music lovers, history enthusiasts, and foodies will all find plenty to keep them occupied in this rich city. Here are my picks for the Hanoi[…]

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the fortress of Kalemegdan in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia: My Belgrade Top 5

My Belgrade Top 5 5 fun and slightly geeky things to do in Belgrade   With more than 2 million residents, Belgrade is one of the largest cities in the region. The city has a lot to offer her residents and those who pass through. Low-priced museums with first rate exhibitions, an insane night life that lasts well into mid-morning, not to mention plenty of ruins left by a long succession of invading armies make[…]

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Petrovaradin Fortress accross the river from Novi Sad, Serbia

Serbia: Impressions of Novi Sad

Impressions of Novi Sad …Music Festivals, Military Hospitals, Tunnels, Sandwiches, Art…and so much more   We left the bus station in Belgrade in a heavy rain. The forecast called for rain, rain, and more rain but I wasn’t expecting a storm of this intensity. Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city, lies only 70 kilometers to the northeast of Belgrade. I’ve decided to make a day trip of my visit, rather than to try to stay[…]

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The Miljacka River under a welcome blue sky after a snowy, winter morning

Photogallery: Winter in Sarajevo

In Sarajevo I expected to find a city forever marred by violent tragedy. I expected to find a place defined by events in history, and the events the world watched unfold in the 1990’s. On my short visit to that beautiful city in the hills I found something very different. I found that Sarajevo is a city with an identity that transcends definitions of history; a city that is so much more than the assassination,[…]

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Berat Albania

Berat: A Quick Guide to One of Albania’s UNESCO Cities

 Berat: the White City   While walking through Barat’s urban outskirts, modern Berat, with it’s 1970’s cement apartment blocks perched above tiny shops selling coffee, clothes, and hardware, it is hard to imagine that this town could be the site of one of Albania’s most famous historic centers and a UNESCO site. As the town center comes closer, the hastily constructed cement buildings gradually decrease in frequency. Cliffs appear on the left, the river and[…]

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