Xi'an, China

China: A Weekend in Xi’an

What to do with a weekend in Xi’an Xi’an was once a great capital city that was home to the confluence of cultures that met at the end of the silk road.  Today, Xi’an is China’s second most popular tourist destination. Like many travelers, I had only a short time to explore this great city.  Here is what I did on a short weekend in Xi’an. 1. Come Face to Face with the Terra-cotta Army The Terracotta Army of[…]

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam: My Hanoi Top 5

Vietnam: My Hanoi Top 5 Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is home to around 8 million people.  The city was founded more than 1000 years ago, and yet most of the historic sites in town are a good deal more recent than that. Hanoi holds something for nearly every interest. Music lovers, history enthusiasts, and foodies will all find plenty to keep them occupied in this rich city. Here are my picks for the Hanoi[…]

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The Hiển Nhơn Gate in Ancient Hue, Vietnam

Vietnam: Impressions of Hue

Hue Impressions of a City in Four Moments   I. Like Water Over the Bridge I don’t mind the rain. It isn’t cold, and the light drops lightly kiss my hair and forehead. When I lived just outside of Seattle, we called this kind of rain “winter’s sacrament.” My traveling companions aren’t so charitable to the Hue’s drizzle. bundled up in heavy jackets and wielding umbrellas they rush along the narrow sidewalk, eager to get[…]

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Venice, Italy at night

My Venice Top 5

My Venice Top 5 Venice offers plenty to fill the time of even the pickiest traveler. You might notice that some of the most popular tourist attractions aren’t on my Venice Top 5. That’s partly because I don’t like crowds, and mostly because I liked the other things that filled my time much more. 1. Attend mass at Saint Mark’s (or San Giorgio’s) I’m not Catholic, but I love music enough to understand the significance[…]

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Slovenia: Small Adventures in Ordinary Towns

Small Adventures in Ordinary Towns   Today I went to Menges. If you don’t know where that is, that’s ok. If you do know where that is, I suspect I can guess your hobby.  Menges (pronounced Men-gesh) is a very ordinary-looking town that the bus passes through between the airport and Ljubljana. From the main road the town is little more than a collection of ordinary homes and a pretty bell tower. To be honest,[…]

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The lights of the Sun Salutation display flicker and flash by the command of the waves between dusk and dawn in Zadar, Croatia

Down the Eastern Adriatic: Zadar

Part II: Rijeka to Zadar Our bus was full as it pulled out of Rijeka at 9:00 in the morning. I worried that it might travel the new highway that runs inland, cutting off the twists and turns of the jagged coast.  I shouldn’t have worried.  The bus followed the coast the entire way. The harsh white light of the mid-morning winter’s cast a white glare off of the sea on the horizon as our[…]

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