Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

China: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Stories and Pictures

Everest to Shenzhen An overland journey from one side of China to the other Part XII:  Zhangjiajie National Forest Park …In stories and pictures The Story of The Buses (Day 1) I arrived at the Wulingyuan entrance to the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park at 8:15 in the morning.  I found the ticket window, purchased my ticket, and pushed through the gate. I was immediately confronted with a choice and none of the tools with which to[…]

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hiking at lake Bohinj

Slovenia: Hiking at Lake Bohinj

Hiking at Lake Bohinj   Lake Bohinj is situated at the edge of Slovenia’s only national park – Triglav National Park. Only a two hour bus ride from Ljubljana, it is a quiet lake set among the peaks of the Julian Alps. While it might be best known for skiing, in the summer, the dozens of hiking trails that sprout from various points around its shores draw outdoors enthusiasts from around the region. Slapovi Mostnice[…]

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Autumn colors of Aksai Valley near Almaty, Kazakhstan

Camping In Kazakhstan

Camping In Kazakhstan Designated camping areas are almost non-existent in Kazakhstan.  Even car camping is almost entirely wild camping. Rules regarding camping are loose (if they exist at all). Sometimes you have to pay a fee to camp in a national park but sometimes you don’t. Outside of the parks, you just need to find a spot that tickles your fancy and be sure to remain respectful of any local farmers and herders who might[…]

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