Packing Light

A Short Guide to Packing Light

Leave this, Take that A Short Guide to Packing Light   Once upon a time, I thought I packed light. I carried my 50 liter Vaude Brenta backpack stuffed tight with everything I could possibly need for a week-long trip and I usually was the person with the least luggage. Then I went on a trip with a peace corps volunteer who carried only a small backpack for our 7 day trip to Tajikistan. Oh,[…]

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Keeping a pack organized using Packing Cubes

Keeping a Pack Organized

I like traveling with a back-pack. There was a time when I hated it – when I would have killed for roll-aboard to drag around the city streets. And then, when I was in my 20’s there was the whole traveling with a trombone thing where the trombone was on my back so my luggage needed to be somewhere else making a rolling suitcase essential. Now, though, my Vaude pack goes everywhere I go, whether[…]

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