Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

China: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Stories and Pictures

Everest to Shenzhen An overland journey from one side of China to the other Part XII:  Zhangjiajie National Forest Park …In stories and pictures The Story of The Buses (Day 1) I arrived at the Wulingyuan entrance to the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park at 8:15 in the morning.  I found the ticket window, purchased my ticket, and pushed through the gate. I was immediately confronted with a choice and none of the tools with which to[…]

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Nanning Museum of Nationalities

Long Layover: One Day in Nanning, China

Long Layover: One day in Nanning, China By Chinese standards, Nanning is a tiny city. With just 2 million people, it is barely the size of a neighborhood in one of China’s Pearl River cities. Even so, it is the Capital and the largest and most populous city of Guangxi Province. My Friends and I, like many travelers, stopped in Nanning on our way from Hanoi to Hong Kong on the tail end of a[…]

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the fortress of Kalemegdan in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia: Impressions of Belgrade

Impressions of Belgrade… …a long walk…and rain   “OK, finish,” the white haired bus driver told me making a slashing motion with his hands. This was it. The last stop on the bus line that links the airport with downtown Belgrade. I thanked the driver, grabbed my small backpack and began to walk into town. I checked the time: 6:35am. Too damn early for anything. I had been up all night catching the early morning[…]

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Station Master on the Bansko - Septemvri Narrow Gauge Railway

Septemvri-Dobrinishte: Bulgaria’s Last Narrow Gauge Train

Locals call the Narrow Gauge train service that runs from Septemvri to Bansko and Dobrinishte “the tourist train.” When I rode it in September, however, most of the passengers were locals. Teenagers, farmers, families, and yes – a few backpackers and tourists – made up the passengers on the 3:30pm train from Bansko. Finding the Station in Bansko: Finding the station in Bansko was, in itself, an adventure. Actually, finding it was easy. It was figuring[…]

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Woman with umbrella in Plovdiv

Bulgaria: Impressions of Plovdiv in the Rain

Part I: First Impressions on a rainy night It was almost 10 pm before my train pulled into the Plovdiv station. It was pouring rain and sheets of water cascaded down the train car windows obscuring any view. As I stepped down to the platform I realized that while there were support columns for a shelter, most of the roof was gone except for the small section over the stairs.  Even at that spot, the[…]

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