thrift shopping in Durango

USA: Thrift Shopping in Durango, CO

Thrift Shopping in Durango, CO   The booming metropolis of  Durango, Colorado has some of the best thrift shopping in the region. High quality hand-me-downs fill the shelves of a lovely mixture of Antique and vintage shops, charity shops, and consignment stores. I used my sojourn in this mountain town to explore all the town had to offer for the deal-hunter thrift shopping in Durango, CO.   Reruns Reruns is a shop in two parts.[…]

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the fortress of Kalemegdan in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia: Impressions of Belgrade

Impressions of Belgrade… …a long walk…and rain   “OK, finish,” the white haired bus driver told me making a slashing motion with his hands. This was it. The last stop on the bus line that links the airport with downtown Belgrade. I thanked the driver, grabbed my small backpack and began to walk into town. I checked the time: 6:35am. Too damn early for anything. I had been up all night catching the early morning[…]

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Stara roba - Nova raba might be Ljubljana's only true thrift shop

Thrift Shopping in Ljubljana

I’ve been a thrift-shopper for most of my life. As a kid, my brother and I would raid the Salvation Army thrift shop down the street from my grandmother’s house digging through old suitcases and forgotten toys.  On the way home we checked out the junk at the short row of antique shops selling old furniture and collectibles for way too much money.  Anything old, quirky, or vintage, was fair game on those shopping sprees.[…]

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A woman buying candy at Ljubljana's Christmas Market

3 Conversations from Ljubljana’s Festive Market

For many people, Christmas Markets are one of the best reasons to visit Europe during the holidays. For the entire month of December, cities and towns from Madrid to Sarajevo sprout hut-like vendor stalls selling crafts, food, drink, and a healthy dose Christmas charm. Ljubljana’s Christmas Market (officially called the “Festive Market”) is part of this tradition. From the First weekend in December until the first of January, little wooden booths line the river from[…]

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racks of Clothes outside the green facade of a Thrift Shop

Thrift Shopping in Tirana

Thrift Shopping in Tirana One of the my favorite things about learning the ins and outs of a new city is the discovery of something fun and unexpected. Perhaps it is something completely omitted from the guide books, or something that appears in guidebooks but still takes you by surprise. The ubiquitous nature of thrift shopping in Tirana has become one of my favorite things about the city. Because secondhand shops and thrift shops are[…]

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