Harbin, China

Tigers and Ice – A Brief Guide to Harbin

Tigers and Ice A Brief Guide to Harbin’s Attractions (China)   Harbin lies in China’s far northeastern province of Heilongjiang. The city has long had a distinctly international flavor. In the late 19th century, Russia based the administration of the recently constructed eastern section of the Trans-Siberian railroad in Harbin.  This led to the influx of a large Russian minority to the city.  These imigrants influenced everything from architecture to education and even today the city has[…]

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The Miljacka River under a welcome blue sky after a snowy, winter morning

Photogallery: Winter in Sarajevo

In Sarajevo I expected to find a city forever marred by violent tragedy. I expected to find a place defined by events in history, and the events the world watched unfold in the 1990’s. On my short visit to that beautiful city in the hills I found something very different. I found that Sarajevo is a city with an identity that transcends definitions of history; a city that is so much more than the assassination,[…]

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Dit' e Nat' on a snowy day in Pristina (Kosovo)

Dit’ e Nat’, Pristina

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Pristina, Kosovo) Tuesday, 30 December 2014 Dit’ e Nat, Pristina (map) “…and it’s just around the corner from a great coffee shop,” a fellow traveler told me with a dreamy expression in his eyes as he described the Han Hostel in Pristina. I was intrigued – usually I am the one with a dreamy expression when talking about coffee shops. Nevertheless, when I finally found the shop he was talking about tucked[…]

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