Exploring Subic Bay and the Bataan Peninsula

The Philippines: Exploring Subic Bay and the Bataan Peninsula

Exploring Subic Bay and the Bataan Peninsula We spent four days in Subic Bay and the Bataan Peninsula.  During this time, we took a trip to Corregidor Island, explored the towns of Subic Bay and Olongapo, and visited as many of Bataan’s attractions as we could. Here’s what we found: 1. Subic Bay: the Town and the “Boardwalk” Subic Bay is not a resort town. This part of town was all part of a large US navel operation[…]

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My Son, Vietnam

5 tips for travel in Vietnam

5 Tips for Travel in Vietnam Vietnam is fast becoming one of southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Low prices combined with beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, long stretches of sandy beach, and enough cultural and historic sites to satisfy even the most avid historian all cry out to those travelers on the cusp of each new travel wave. If you are planning to travel in Vietnam, here are five tips to help you navigate this[…]

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam: My Hanoi Top 5

Vietnam: My Hanoi Top 5 Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is home to around 8 million people.  The city was founded more than 1000 years ago, and yet most of the historic sites in town are a good deal more recent than that. Hanoi holds something for nearly every interest. Music lovers, history enthusiasts, and foodies will all find plenty to keep them occupied in this rich city. Here are my picks for the Hanoi[…]

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Halong Bay, Vietnam

Negotiating The Halong Bay Experience

The Halong Bay Experience …and why you should stop worrying about it So you’re going to Vietnam, want to make a stop in Halong Bay, but are having some trouble negotiating the mess of information that exists on the internet about the place. You’ve read the travelfish stories, the tripadvisor stories, the Lonely Planet stories and now you might even be wondering if you want to go at all. OK, you might not be quite[…]

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Reunification express in Vietnam

Vietnam: A Tale of Two Train Rides

A Tale of Two Train Rides Adventures on Vietnam’s  Reunification Express   The Reunification Express refers to any train plying the north-south rail that links Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.  My friends Linda, Lucy, and I made the trip in two segments – from Ho Chi Minh City to Danang, and from Hue to Hanoi. This is the story of those two very different train rides.   1. Lucky Tickets “I got you lucky[…]

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Hein Nhon Gate in Ancient Hue, Vietnam

Vietnam: Three Things I Loved about Hue

Three Things I Loved About Hue (that have nothing to do with history) In addition to the architectural remnants of the city’s rich (and tragic) history Hue has a fun and casual vibe and some of the best food in Vietnam. When you visit Hue, take a trip on the Perfume River, explore the Dong Ba Market, try to catch some traditional Vietnamese music, and don’t forget to try all of the food. Here are[…]

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The Hiển Nhơn Gate in Ancient Hue, Vietnam

Vietnam: Impressions of Hue

Hue Impressions of a City in Four Moments   I. Like Water Over the Bridge I don’t mind the rain. It isn’t cold, and the light drops lightly kiss my hair and forehead. When I lived just outside of Seattle, we called this kind of rain “winter’s sacrament.” My traveling companions aren’t so charitable to the Hue’s drizzle. bundled up in heavy jackets and wielding umbrellas they rush along the narrow sidewalk, eager to get[…]

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