Hong Kong's Wilson Trail Stage 1 Violet Hill Hike

China: Hiking Hong Kong’s Wilson Trail

Hiking in Hong Kong A Practical Guide to Hong Kong’s Wilson Trail Hong Kong’s Wilson Trail is one of the region’s three long distance trails. The 78 kilometer route is broken into 10 stages ranging from 5 to 15 kilometers each.  I hiked the wilson trail two stages at a time over the course of 5 weekends in late 2016 and early 2017.  While the Maclehose trail tends to hit the peaks, the Wilson trail crosses ridges[…]

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Bonnie on the Pioneer Trail

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog Bonnie on the Pioneer Trail After flying into Seattle, Bonnie and I headed immediately for the mountains and spent six days walking and camping the John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Washington’s Iron Horse State park. Our ramble took us through dense pine forests, across numerous train trestles, and through through the 2.3 mile-long Snoqualmie tunnel.   Please follow and like us:

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Along the John Wayne Pioneer Trail from Cold Creek to Roaring Creek

Walking the John Wayne Pioneer Trail – Day 3

Walking the John Wayne Pioneer Trail Day 3: Cold Creek to Roaring Creek (3.5 Miles)   I knew the distance from Cold Creek to Roaring Creek wasn’t far – four miles at the most. Still, I planned day on purpose knowing that I needed to walk the mile or so back up to Hyak to meet my parents for a hug and some supplies before setting out. With the early morning walk up to Hyak,[…]

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The mountains of the Galicica National park rise to the southeast, separating Lake Ohrid from Lake Prespa.

Walking Lake Ohrid: Information for the Intrepid

Hatching The Plan… “Is it possible to walk around Lake Ohrid?” I asked. I was in Southern Albania in a Girokaster coffee shop talking with Chris, an American who spends part of each year in Albania. Chris looked a little taken aback by my question. “Walk?!” he paused. “You could bike it no problem,” he paused again, his eyebrows furrowed into a puzzled expression. I read his silence to mean that walking either wasn’t desirable,[…]

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en route to the Tevno Ezero hut in the Pirin Mountains

Photogallery: Hiking in Bulgaria’s Rila and Pirin Mountains

Bulgaria’s Rila and Pirin Mountains offer a lot for the lover of natural beauty.  Crisscrossed with waymarked hiking trails and dotted with mountain huts, these beautiful mountains are a destination for walkers, hikers and backpackers from all over the world. A word of caution: mountain trails in the Rila and Pirin mountains are waymarked, but not groomed. Sometimes they are roads, sometimes well-trodden paths, and other times just marks across boulder fields that turn into[…]

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Kazakstan's Kolsai Lakes

Hiking and Camping at Kazakhstan’s Kolsai Lakes

The picturesque Kolsai lakes lie along the fast-flowing Kolsai river, nestled among the hills and peaks of the norther Tien Shan mountains approximately 300km east of Almaty. Each of the three lakes has it’s own character and personality. The first lake, at at an altitude of 1,800m reflects the dark forest green of the surrounding fir-covered slopes when in the shadows, but when struck by sunlight, the lake turns a bright turquoise blue beneath the[…]

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Five popular hikes from Almaty (and links to some online hiking resources)

Five popular hikes from Almaty Almaty’s location, situated at the foot of the Tien Shan mountains makes it perfect for day hikes into the mountains. There are several summits within a one-day hike of the city but also many interesting and beautiful gorges and river valleys to explore.  Here are a few of the more popular day hikes from Almaty and some resources to assist you in planning your outings. 1.  Aksai Valley and Monastery[…]

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