Suzhou, China

China: Water Towns of the Yangtze River Delta – Suzhou

China: Water Towns of The Yangtze River Delta Visitors go to the water towns of the Yangtze River Delta to get away from the bustle of the nearby cities of Hangzhou and Shanghai.  They come to absorb the beauty of the Classical Gardens and to bask in quiet of the tiny lanes along murky canals. The famous city of Suzhou and the towns of Tongli, Luzhi, Zhujiajiao, Xitang, Wuzhen, Nanxun, and Zhouzhuang each draw thousands of[…]

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Looking down Calle de la Scuola dei Boteri toward Campo dei Gesuiti in Venice, Italy

Italy: Venice and Questions of Sustainable Tourism

Venice and Questions of Sustainable Tourism Venice is one of the most visited cities on earth. As many as 60,000 tourists visit the city each day.  In the summer, that number rises to 100,000 – that’s as many people as actually live in the city – every second person is a tourist. The numbers alone make sustainable tourism in Venice an urgent and pressing question for a city that is already in a fragile and[…]

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Venice, Italy at night

My Venice Top 5

My Venice Top 5 Venice offers plenty to fill the time of even the pickiest traveler. You might notice that some of the most popular tourist attractions aren’t on my Venice Top 5. That’s partly because I don’t like crowds, and mostly because I liked the other things that filled my time much more. 1. Attend mass at Saint Mark’s (or San Giorgio’s) I’m not Catholic, but I love music enough to understand the significance[…]

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The Grand Canal and Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy

Photogallery: Venice, Italy

Venice goes by many names: City of Water, the Floating City, Queen of the Adriatic, Serenissima, City of Masks, the Sinking City are all monikers for this beautiful city. Venice is undeniably one of the most unusual cities on earth. A collection of 117 tiny islands and a web of canals, Venice has traditions that arise from the beauty and the inconveniences of its very unique infrastructure. It is also one of the most photogenic[…]

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Cafe del Doge in Venice

On Finding Great Coffee in Venice

Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club (Venice) Saturday, 11 April 2015 Venice, Italy OK, this is kind of a special travel edition of the Sometimes-Sunday Coffee Club – it is an entire post dedicated to one thing: finding a decent cup of coffee in Venice. Almost everyone I spoke with before my trip to that extraordinary city warned me that coffee in Venice is particularly terrible. Online reviews and travel bloggers corroborated the stories I’d heard from people[…]

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