Rathaus Christkindle Market in Vienna

Austrian Advent: Glühwein, and Christmas Markets

An Austrian Advent Glühwein and Christmas Markets Christkindle (Christ Child) Markets, Advent Markets, and Weinachtsen (Christmas) Markets, have a long history in Germanic countries.  The tradition of a market around Advent originated in Germany in the late middle ages. The Austrian incarnation of the Christmas market didn’t take root until well into the 17th century. Examples of earlier precursors – (December markets and such) exist, but there is little evidence of a proper market organized around the[…]

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Bonnie in Mainz

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog Bonnie in Mainz Bonnie’s final stop before flying to the United States was the charming town of Mainz, Germany. There, she learned to play in shallow water when a dog playmate pulled her into the Rhine river. She also walked through an underpass painted by some of the world’s top graffiti artists at a recent graffiti festival, and learned of the deliciousness of a well made Doner Box.   Please[…]

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The Albanian dog, Bonnie in Zurich, Switzerland

Bonnie in Zurich

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog Bonnie in Zurich From Milan, Bonnie took the train to Zurich, Switzerland where she stayed in a very expensive hotel room with wall-to-wall carpeting that she couldn’t get enough of. She even shunned her pillow in favor of a sleepy sprawl on the carpet. We explored Zurich on a sleepy, Sunday afternoon, looking into the windows of darkened shops, and sniffing at the food in restaurants too expensive for us.[…]

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Bonnie the Albanian Dog sightseeing at Galleria Vittorio Emanuel II in Milan

Bonnie in Milan

Bonnie (the Albanian Dog) in Milan After getting our EU paperwork done in Ancona, Bonnie (the Albanian dog) and I headed for Milan to see what we could see of that fair city. In Milan, we went sightseeing – most impressive to bonnie were the pigeons in front of Duomo di Milano – and made sure to stop along the way for a good romp in the some of city’s many dog parks. Here are[…]

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Bonnie and the Italian Bureaucracy

Odyssey of an Albanian Dog Bonnie and the Italian Bureaucracy Bonnie needed a new vet’s signature in Italy. So we stopped in Falconara Marittima, near Ancona for a few days. There we spent several hours in the waiting room of a very kind vet who went out of his way to make sure Bonnie had new travel papers. In the showdown between Bonnie and the Italian Bureaucracy, the kindness of good-hearted people won the day[…]

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Some of the scenery along the way on the train from Milan to Zurich

The Train from Milan to Zurich

The Train from Milan to Zurich   Getting Started “We can sell your ticket here, but for the dog you must buy on the train.” “Ok,” I replied. I vaguely remembered some complication with dog travel when crossing this particular border, so I wasn’t worried. Mostly I was just excited about the direct train from Milan to zurich through the mountains of northern Italy and Switzerland. There are more scenic ways to travel this route.[…]

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