Harbin, China

Tigers and Ice – A Brief Guide to Harbin

Tigers and Ice A Brief Guide to Harbin’s Attractions (China)   Harbin lies in China’s far northeastern province of Heilongjiang. The city has long had a distinctly international flavor. In the late 19th century, Russia based the administration of the recently constructed eastern section of the Trans-Siberian railroad in Harbin.  This led to the influx of a large Russian minority to the city.  These imigrants influenced everything from architecture to education and even today the city has[…]

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The inside of the Kosovo National Library

Photogallery: Pristina

Photogallery: Pristina Pristina, Kosovo is Europe’s newest capital city. In Pristina, a traveler might encounter warmth, elegance, quirkiness, and historical nuance. This is a place where the traditions of the past live side by side with a brand new national identity. It is a place where historic symbols carry modern significance. Even when buried in snow, there is plenty in this little town to see and experience. Here are some photos to wet your appetite[…]

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The Miljacka River under a welcome blue sky after a snowy, winter morning

Photogallery: Winter in Sarajevo

In Sarajevo I expected to find a city forever marred by violent tragedy. I expected to find a place defined by events in history, and the events the world watched unfold in the 1990’s. On my short visit to that beautiful city in the hills I found something very different. I found that Sarajevo is a city with an identity that transcends definitions of history; a city that is so much more than the assassination,[…]

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Compartment with the conductor's hat as I traveled from Zagreb to Sarajevo by Train

Zagreb to Sarajevo by Train

My compartment in the last car of the three car train, smelled of old cigarette smoke. The curtains on the windows were that special shade of yellowish-brown that is only attained through years of sun-bleach and cigarette smoke. I chose a seat by the window and settled in.  The seats in my compartment were blue and stained with a random pattern of black ash streaks. The head-rests were blue too – all except for the[…]

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